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Steel Doors...

London Secure’s range of anti-vandalism doors are especially designed for communal places such as public toilets, stadiums or doors in flats.  These steel doors are extremely robust in order to resist intensive use by careless and sometimes spiteful users. They have been designed to resist repeated misuse, avoiding high maintenance or replacement costs. All parts of the door such as the leaf, frame and locking devices are proof against instruments like penknives and cigarette lighters as well as physical attacks.


As the door hinges are often a point of attack, anti-vandalism doors are hung on two pivots that are invisible and unreachable to vandals. A rubber seal fixed on the leaf absorbs the force of closing and avoids risk of injury. The incorporated locks, bolts and handles are designed to withstand attack and ensure user safety. Further options such as electric latches or magnetic locks enable controlled access.  Galvanized and stainless steel are the ideal materials to resist damage, wear and tear, corrosives environments or bad weather. They are also eco-friendly, making recycling easy. Anti-vandalism doors are available in any RAL colour.


London Secure supply and install a whole range of Securiplus security doors, single or double leaf, to protect sensitive premises against manual or armed attacks. The range consists of Securiplus 1, 3 and Securiplus 4 door sets, corresponding to different protection grades. Securiplus 1 door sets have been designed for premises with normal risk: shops, houses, offices etc. Securiplus 3 and Securiplus 4 meet extra high security needs for gunsmiths, banks, government and military buildings and court houses ticket offices etc.


London-Secure’s Securiplus security doors have been approved by the official third party laboratory of CNPP according to European standards EN 1627 and EN 1630. These ratings are valid on both the hinge side and the opposite side. An additional bullet-proof rating is available as an option: FB3 and FB4 according to European standards EN 1522 and 1523. Securiplus door sets can be equipped with a vision panel with laminated glass rated according to EN 356 and EN 1063.


Steel is the ultimate material for protection against violent attacks.  Door sets in the Securiplus range have a thick steel leaf (2 or 3 mm on both sides) with reinforcements.  The sectional frame and strong hinges are designed for extra strength.  Dog bolts prevent tearing out of the door leaf even if the hinges have been severed.  All reinforcements are located inside the door set to maintain aesthetics and discretion.


A crucial point of security, the Securiplus lock provides excellent performance due to 3 or 5 deadbolts spread around the opening. The central lock case is protected by the steel escutcheon plate to prevent forced opening. Securiplus door sets are available with electric latches or motorized locks to manage access at all times and at any distance. These are compatible with any access control system: swipe cards, fingerprint readers or electronic keypads.


Securiplus door sets are exclusively custom made, with a wide range of sizes and are available in galvanized steel, coated in standard white RAL 9010 or any other RAL colour.  They are also available in stainless steel.


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“I have maintained a contact with London Secure Ltd for many years and have always found them to be totally reliable and professional in dealing with their clients.  They always acted promptly  with their clients security and safety of paramount importance.”

John Collis MBE

Recently retired Met. Police Crime Prevention Officer


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