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‘I love my security plantation shutters and can endorse both the product and London Secure’.



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When it comes to securing the windows and doors of residential properties, London Secure offers a range of security solutions that are both effective deterrents and elegant in looks that avoid giving a ‘prison-like’ visual feel for the property when looking through from either the inside or outside.  


London Secure’s range of residential security solutions is the most comprehensive available today and are fitted only by experienced Tradesmen with an eye to detail.  From the most exclusive development to a cosy bedsit flat we have solutions in keeping with the application and the budget available:


Secure Plantation Shutters are ’bespoke’ shutters manufactured from steel and aluminium that offer a unique combination of security, shading and ventilation that is not found in any other residential security product.  Secure Plantation Shutters are usually installed internally within the window reveal in any elevation of the property that is viewed as being vulnerable to attack, and uniquely, can be paired with identical traditional wooden plantation shutters in other windows that are not deemed to be vulnerable, creating the same look throughout the property but with security maximised in those areas where it is needed most.  Doorways can be easily accommodated too.


Polycarbonate Crime Screens are clear fixed screens that fit to the external side of a window frame that give clear vision-through and a very high level of security at the same time.  The Crime Screen’s tough aluminium frame is white in colour as standard but it can be powder coated at the factory in any RL colour to match your property’s colour scheme.  Crime Screens can also incorporate Hammerglass for the ultimate deterrent.


Seceurogard Retractable gates can be installed to both windows and doors and come with a long list of options including ‘X’ or the elegant ‘S’ shaped lattice,  26 standard colours to choose from, single or double sash and either double or 4 point concealed locking.  There are many manufacturers of retractable gates in the UK, but London Secure recommends only Seceurogard as they are simply head and shoulders above the rest.


Bespoke steel security grille solutions are well within London Secure’s range and are restricted only by our imagination.


For those tenants who are only going to stay at a property for a short time, security with ventilation can be provided instantly by London Secure installing clear security window film to the inside of a window and the fitting of 1 or 2 lockable cable window restrictors to allow ventilation with basic security whilst at the same time preventing children from possible falling out of the window.


Security shutters are commonly used in securing residential properties with the latest technology able to offer a vast range of control options.  Our aluminium security shutters are quiet in operation and give 100% blockage of light for those that need total-blackout when sleeping.


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