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Intelligent security and automatic fire protection from London Secure Ltd...

The SeceuroFire range currently offers a flame curtain and flame shutter that also doubles up as a security solution. The SeceuroFire Flame Curtain has a 2 hour rating and is the perfect solution where protection is required but without compromising on the aesthetics of a building.


The SeceuroFire Flame Shutter is the perfect solution where fire protection is needed alongside security. Built with attention to detail the Flame Shutter is available with a 1, 2 or 4 hour rating offering a solution for most requirements.


All SeceuroFire products are:


- Tested and assessed by Exova Warringtonfire.  

- Made to measure for a tailor made security solution.

- Manufactured in the UK.            

- Conform to UK and European standards

- Designed to integrate fire protection seamlessly into a building


During testing, the product is fitted on the furnace side replicating the most severe conditions of a fire. The temperature of the furnace is then increased to 1000°C at a rate defined by the product standards.


Our SeceuroFire products have been rated at 1, 2 and 4 hour for our fire shutter range and a 2 hour rating for our fire curtain.  Using the latest machinery and equipment, all SeceuroFire products are proudly manufactured and assembled here in the UK. A solution for all fire protection requirements. A 1, 2 and 4 hour fire shutter range plus a 2 hour fire curtain mean that you have the widest choice of solutions from one manufacturer.  Fully tested and conforming to UK and European standards for the property owner’s peace of mind.


All motors are within the housing which is available in a range of sizes to minimise space requirements and are complete with peace-of-mind warranties.


SeceuroFire Flame Curtains


A flame curtain is a large fabric curtain made of heavy-duty fibreglass designed to fit over passageways, doors and windows to prevent the spread of fire. They only operate in the event of a fire and can provide up to 2 hours of containment when deployed. As they are made of fabric they still provide a route of escape when necessary.


SeceuroFire Flame Shutters


Flame shutters are similar to conventional steel slatted and galvanised steel roller shutters that operate vertically, closing in the event of a fire. Our fire shutters are available in safety ratings of up to 4 hours. One of the main benefits of Flame shutters is their ability to act as a means of physical security during normal use and a fire safety shutter in the event of a fire.


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‘We at Labatt Construction found the team at London Secure to be extremely professional and subject matter experts in their field. They offered excellent advice to our clients, enabling them to select the right security solutions for their home. Their after sales services was also very efficient......We would certainly use them again’.

James Riddell

Company Director

Labatt Construction Limited


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