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Commercial offices...

Some Business Managers see security as a negative strain on their business that doesn’t help the bottom line. The prevailing attitude is why spend hard earned revenue on protecting against an event that may never happen?  But this attitude changes as soon as a break-in occurs and the business experiences the lose of valuable resources, employees become unsettled, insurance premiums raise, time and money has to be spent on cleaning up the mess and urgent temporary security provisions have to be put in place like paying for a security guard to sit in the office until permanent security solutions are installed.  


London Secure comes across this kind of situation all too often and we appreciate that the pressures of trying to run a business are such that security is sometimes low on the agenda of things that must be done.  However, in situations similar to the one described above we provide a quick and efficient service in providing effective physical security that doesn’t make the office look like ‘Fort Knox’ and ‘doesn’t cost the earth’.  


At the heart of all of our advice and recommendations are the client’s best intentions with our Surveyor’s approach being based upon: ‘If this was my building and it was my money I was spending, what is the best value for money solution to the problem?


If a proactive approach to building security can be made before a break-in takes place, all-the-better, in which case London Secure assist by completing a thorough site survey and offering a course of action recommended to secure the vulnerable parts of the building effectively and as discreetly as possible.  This service is chargeable but credited against any purchase orders that are placed to action our recommendations.  It’s interesting to reflect that this service is becoming more popular as retiring Crime Prevention Officers within the Met Police are not being replaced. (Current as at Sept ‘13)    


London Secure have secured from theft:



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Cine equipment

Classified documents

Gems and jewellery

Precious metals

Criminal records

Apple computers & other IT kit

Editing equipment

Sound recording and editing equipment

High value works of art

Documents of high monetary value

Travel documents

By securing:

Weak doors


Access to certain parts of the building


Vulnerable windows & glazed panels  

Flat roof ‘rat runs’

Computers & documents in secure rooms


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‘We called London Secure in after we’d suffered a break-in and the security solutions that they offered were designed to fit our requirements perfectly’.

Simon Herman

M.D. Flooring Concepts Ltd


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