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With most Local Authorities now resisting Planning Permission for the installation of external roller shutters on the High Street to avoid the aesthetically dis-pleasing: ‘Fortress Britain’, many retail outlets are either forced to install internal security measures that leave their glazing open to attack or leave security to chance and just hope that they are not unlucky enough to suffer from any anti-social behaviour or break-in attempts via their vulnerable shop frontage.  


Increasing reliance on High Street CCTV has also shored up the notion that shop fronts are safe, as any attack would be caught on camera and the culprits identified, but a recent Home Office Study concluded that: ‘The belief that CCTV alone can counter complex social problems is unrealistic in the extreme. At best CCTV can work alongside other measures to generate some changes, but it is no easy panacea, and there is a lot still to be learnt about how to use it to best effect’.    The best ‘other method’is to supplement High Street CCTV with the fitting of London Secure’s new and unique externally fitted Secure Shop Screen complete with 8 mm or 10 mm thick clear Hammerglass:


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“We first asked London Secure to supply and fit protection to the ground floor windows of our offices over ten years ago.  Their excellent service and competitive pricing meant we had no hesitation in bringing them back in when we recently expanded into the offices next door.”

Edward Behan

Director, Adamphones


Secure Shop Screens (shown as the grey frame in the drawing) have been designed to fit reveal fix into Industry standard 100 x 50mm box section shopfront glazing frames (shown in red on the drawing)

The Secure Shop Screen frames can be powdered coted to any RAL colour to match the colour of the shop front glazing frames.

The best way to assess the performance of Hammerglass against attack is to view the Hammerglass demonstration video above.

Hammerglass is a clear polycarbonate complete with unique and special coatings The Hammerglass sheets are coated with a silicon oxide treatment for excellent chemical resistance and vandal protection. The surface will withstand attacks from Aceton, petrol, White Spirit, paint- and graffiti-removals. The coating provides a secure prevention against scratches.

Hammerglass is extruded in clean room environments which gives the sheets an outstanding clarity. The triple quality control guarantees High end quality. The coating enhances the light transmission.

8 mm thick Hammerglass also affords a sound reduction rating of 31 dB, helping to insulate the internal shop area from the sound of passing traffic etc.

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