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Window Film...

What do window films do?


 •  Improves Window Security

 •  Uplifts existing glazing to current Health & Safety standards

 •  Saves Energy Consumption, reduce air conditioning costs

 •  Improves building user Comfort with Window tints

 •  Improves the image of buildings

 •  Provides privacy

 •  A combination of all of the above


Multi laminated clear films give superior break resistance and are used to upgrade existing glass and enhance security. Our new scratch resistant film can be used to protect glazing units from vandals by simply replacing the film and not the full glass unit.  


Safety films are of a clear single ply polyester, giving safe breakage and shatter resistant qualities which can help business or home security. They are used to upgrade existing glass and are tested to BS 6206 class A and B and meet Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992.  This is of particular interest to many schools where existing glazing does not conform to current standards.


Reduce Energy Costs and improve energy efficiency with our solar control window film that save you money and add to your comfort. Solar control window film can eliminate up to 78% of the solar heat gain. Reduced solar heat gain translates into reduced air conditioning and increased comfort due to extreme heat. Solar control window films can also prevent inside heat from escaping through your windows in the wintertime.


How is Window Film Applied?


Internally to the window in most cases, with little disruption to the room user.


A simple approach to security.


Apply security window film to a bedroom window together with a window restrictor to give: security, ventilation and a preventative measure to stop children from possibly climbing out of the window.


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‘We at Labatt Construction found the team at London Secure to be extremely professional and subject matter experts in their field. They offered excellent advice to our clients, enabling them to select the right security solutions for their home. Their after sales services was also very efficient......We would certainly use them again’.

James Riddell

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