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Most schools at one time or another suffer damage from IT equipment theft via break-ins and high replacement glass costs caused by ball games in the schoolyard and stone throwing...



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‘We were very pleased with the way London Secure agreed to work in the school on days and at times that would cause least disruption to our students…. and they did  fantastic job!’

Judith Chalk, Bursar

Beth Jacobs High School

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London Secure have new innovative solutions to these problems:


The current trend is for a school’s stock of laptops and tablets to be kept in secure trolleys that can be re-charged and uploaded overnight ready for use the next day.  But this is not without risk, as most trolleys are fairly easy targets for experienced thieves to attack once they are in the building.  We know of school’s losing all of their laptops overnight because they put their entire trust in the trolleys being secure and left them in view.  Our advice is for London Secure to establish secure rooms within the school where the laptop trolleys can be left securely overnight.  Each secure room is designed and installed on a completely bespoke basis dependent of the internal configuration of the school, with the likelihood that many different security products will combine to make the best solution.


Concerning Apple computers we can fit ‘shoe plates’ that lock a computer to the work surface, along with secure enclosures and cabling combined with making the room secure. See video footage below of an actual break-in to steal iMAC’s in a college where the computers are attached to work surface with shoe plates.















To prevent windows being repeatedly being broken we can retro-fit our Crime Screen perforated steel grilles to protect the glazing from accidental breakage, or if the actual window is also in need of replacement, we can replace it completely with our new Secure Window that has the perforated steel integrated into the window frame itself.


If for any reason perforated steel is deemed as not being aesthetically pleasing enough we can fit Hammerglass into either a Crime Screen grille or our Secure Window.  Hammerglass looks like the same as glass but it’s 300 times stronger and is scratch resistant.  Hammerglass even withstands axe attacks!


Legislation now means that examination papers have to be stored in secured rooms, for which we at London Secure can provide a cost-effective solution.


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