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Retractable Gates are a well-established security solution used to protect the windows and doors of many buildings in the UK...

London Secure have successfully installed thousands of gates in businesses, schools, hospitals, public buildings and homes over the last decade.  Usually installed internally, retractable gates, also known as collapsible gates, provide a powerful visual deterrent to unlawful entry and a pleasing ‘non-prison-like’ appearance to the building and its users.  When retracted to the fully open position, retractable gates are unobtrusive, with each sash reducing to only 12% of their total closed width.


London Secure’s range of Model 1000 & Model 1001 Seceurogard retractable gates are made to measure here in the UK and offer many invaluable features and benefits that make them the best on the market in terms of level of security, number of options available and return on investment:


Model 1000



Top hung on nylon coated steel bearings


All galvanised steel construction

Available in 26 standard colours

Single or double sash gates

Fits within or around the reveal

2 point locking from a single key

Strong steel lattice

‘X’ or ‘S’ shaped lattice

Overlapping locking profiles

Optional folding bottom track



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Very easy to move and operate as the weight of the gate is supported by the rolling mechanism in the top frame

Provides a durable and long-life finish

Gives client choice at no extra-cost

Gives client choice at no extra-cost

Gives client choice at no extra-cost

Double security with convenience

Better security

Gives client choice at no extra-cost

Very difficult to jemmy open

No obstruction of door threshold area


Model 1001


All the features and benefits of the Model 1000 retractable gate above, plus:



Optimum security with convenience

Optimum security

Optimum security



4 point locking from a single key

Lock mechanism shielded by a steel plate

Specially designed lattice assembly system utilising high grade steel screws (patented)

Model 1001 is tested and approved to the Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1175 level 1 security performance standard


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‘Everything that London Secure said they’d do, they did on time and to budget – a really good company to use!’

John Michael

C.E.O | iStorage Limited


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