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Secure Plantation Shutters...

NEW! - Secure Plantation Shutters are elegent horizontal shutters manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium that offer a unique combination of security, shading and ventilation with style that is not found in any other residential security product:


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‘I love my security plantation shutters and can endorse both the product and London Secure’.



Daphne Pelman



* When the shutter is in the closed position, it gives total blackout only and can't be adjusted.


Secure Plantation Shutters are usually installed internally or externally in any elevation of the property that is viewed as being a security risk, and uniquely, can be paired with identical traditional wooden plantation shutters in other windows that are deemed to be less vulnerable, creating the same look throughout the property but with security maximised in those areas where it is needed most.  Doorways can easily be accommodated too.

Many combinations are possible in the way in which Secure Plantation Shutters can be configured to suit the window or door concerned, for instance:


For Patio Doors:


- Bi-fold Track system with 2, 4 or 6 panels meeting in the middle with 2, 3 or 4 panels on each side to hinge back upon opening.

- Bi-fold Track system with 2, 4 or 6 panels floating that stack left or right.


For Windows:


- Cottage Frame system with panels stacking outside of the window frame – ala curtain position.

- Within the reveal with the panels at 90 degrees to the actual window.


Secure Plantation Shutters are manufactured entirely from aluminium and stainless steel and have a patented key lock mechanism.


 •  89mm high louvres which can be tilted even when the shutters are locked

 •  Hidden tilt rods

 •  White or brown as standard, with RAL colours available

 •  Made in South Africa, where security is important


Call 020 8720 6750 for instant attention.


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