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For retail applications on the High Street, whether for national group or small independent trader, London Secure secure:


• Recessed front entrance door areas from occupation by unwanted overnight sleepers with Retractable Gates.


• Retail glazing from attack with Secure Shop Screens, Window Film, built-on or built-in Security Shutters or Retractable Gates.


• Display goods from fading caused by exposure to ultra-violet rays of the sun with Window Film.


• Rear personnel doors from break-in via insubstantial panic bar door operators by possible replacing with upgraded Steel Security Doors.


• Skylights from unlawful entry with polycarbonate Crime Screens.


• From intrusion via rear perimeter walls by installing Razor Spike anti-climb spikes.


• Rear office windows by installing Retractable Gates, Crime Screen grilles, Secure Shop Screens, Secure Windows or Security Shutters.


For unbiased advice and to discuss your particular application confidentially:


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